The Body Shop

Sprint Motors not only service and MOT your vehicle they perform Body Shop Manchester and welding repair work. Sadly, vehicles are classed as right-offs these days when years ago they would be repaired and back on the road in no-time. Having said, that depending on the damage incurred in the accident, some vehicles can be restored and look like new. We can perform work on removing dents, replacing crumpled parts and straightening bent chassis. It doesn’t matter what make or model your vehicle is either, we aim to get most replacement parts quickly.

Specialised equipment is used for restoring sections of the body and damaged metal frames. Frames are clamped and chained to hydraulic pressured alignment machines. Designs that have no frames are known as, ‘unibody’ and can still be restored to factory specifications, so that your vehicle can continue to function correctly. These measures are made by benchmark systems that can ensure the precision is accurate for alignment, so that it can be put back into its original shape.

To remove body panels that have been severely damaged we use a pneumatic metal cutting gun. To remove less serious dents we use a hand prying bar or a hydraulic jack. If they are really small we can knock them out with pneumatic hammers or hand tools. Small Dent Removal Manchester and creases can be smoothed out with a small anvil at one side, whilst hammering out the damaged area at the other. Dimples and small pits can be removed with pick hammers and punches, which is called metal finishing. If you have a newer model of car that uses plastic body parts, we can even replace and repair those.

By removing the panels, the type of plastic used can be identified. Some of the plastics can be repaired by immersing it in hot water or by using heat from a hot air welding gun. The softened panel can then be pushed back into its original shape by hand.

The Tasks A Panel Beater Performs

  • By cutting and unbolting damaged panels and components can be removed
  • By hammering panels with special beating tools; a planishing hammer, dents can be removed
  • Oxyacetylene can be used to straighten damaged vehicles by hydraulic or mechanical equipment. This will give clearance to bonnet, boot and doorsCar jig
  • Dents are filled with plastic fillers. Then the technician will file, grind and sand the repaired surface with hand or power tools
  • Door locks and door trims can be refitted to the vehicle • New or second hand panels can be used if the original is severely damaged
  • Body frames and chassis are realigned with measuring systems and chassis alignment machines • Accident related mechanisms can be removed and replaced
  • Auto electric components can be removed and replaced
  • Assist in vehicle body building to custom designed, vintage or speciality vehicles
  • Help spray paint the vehicles after repair Our re-spraying ovens are energy efficient. They are fitted with sophisticated sensor controlled dust extraction systems to enable a smooth, un-bubbled finish. All the work done at Sprint Motors is Insurance approved Body Shop Manchester.