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Here is a list of meanings behind those flashing lights that sometimes appear on your vehicle’s dashboard. Please note that the most common ones are only identified here. To get a thorough reading of the reasons behind a fault indicator you will need to have your vehicle connected to a diagnostic computer.

These are only carried out by fully trained and experienced garage staff. Battery LightBattery Warning Light: This could mean a fault with your battery, with its charging or an electrical problem. If this light as come on, it could mean that the battery is not charging, and if left unattended to your vehicle will eventually not start, and possibly cause more damage.

Engine ManagementEngine Diagnostic Indicator Light: This light will stay on continuously if there is a problem with the engine. You must get your vehicle checked by a qualified mechanic as soon as possible. You will still be able to drive for short periods, but you are best using this for the journey to the garage. If you do not get it checked, it could invalidate your warranty.

ABS LightABS Check light: If this light is on DO NOT drive your vehicle. It means that your Anti-Lock braking system isn’t working properly. When your ABS is functioning normally it may flash for a while or during hard braking. If it stays on or continually flashes, there is a problem. It is not safe to drive, and in the event that an accident occurs due to this fault, it could invalidate your insurance.

Traction ControllTraction Control/Stability Programme Light: This will only affect vehicles that have been fitted with a Traction Control (Stability Programme). It will flash normally when heavy braking, slipping on snow or mud or cornering. Get your vehicle checked out if the light stays on when none of the above manoeuvres are being employed.

OIl LightLow Oil Warning Light (Yellow) or Oil Check Light (Red): If the yellow light is flashing then your oil pressure in the engine is low. You must get this topped up as soon as possible. If the red light is flashing this means that the pressure is dangerously low, and any further driving of the vehicle could cause permanent damage to the engine.

Break Warning LightBrake Warning Light: There may be a fault with the braking system. To test this, first take off the handbrake. If the light is still visible whilst driving DO NOT drive it anymore, as you will cause more damage. Tyre Pressure Warning Light: This means that there is a fault with the tyre pressure of your vehicle. It could mean a puncture, slow leak or system fault. If the tyres seem alright, but the light is still on, there could be a fault with the sensors or the system needs resetting.

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