Ford Fiesta Warning Lights

When your car starts throwing some worrying signs at you from the dashboard, perhaps it’s time to act. The problem is that these messages are pretty cryptic, and can leave you with no working vehicle and no clue on how to fix the problem in the first place! However, one rule of thumb is that while some light up when you first start the car, if any of the below signs stay lit up you may need to receive some help from an expert.
If you do find yourself in this problem you can easily sort the issue by using this guide below – it has a list of each warning lights for the Ford Fiesta and what it means, so you can act and fix Them accordingly;

Here Is A Brief Description Of The Main Ones

1)AirbagFord Fiesta Warning Light Guide
The airbag should illuminate at startup and then fade – if it continues to flash or remains on you may have an issue with the airbag. Have it checked by an authorized specialist who can help you get the airbag fixed.

2) Anti-lock Braking System
If this is illuminated when driving, there is a problem. You’ll be able to use normal brakes unless the brake warning lamp is also on – get this problem fixed ASAP, as the longer it goes the worse it can become.

3) Anti-Theft
This starts to flash when the anti-theft system has been turned on.

4) Battery
If this is illuminated when driving it means that there is a problem with th battery – switch of all unneeded equipment to preserve energy and get to a dealer ASAP. A dead battery means a dead car soon enough!

5) Brake system
Illuminates when parking and/or ignition is turned on. If it’s illuminated when driving, check that there is no parking brake still on. It is’ not turned on, then you may have low brake fluid or a brake problem – get this is serious, so get to a dealer right away.

6) Cruise Control
If you have cruise control equipped, this will illuminate when you turn the feature on.

7) Direct Indicator
This should flash on when you either use the hazard warning flasher or when you use the turn signal. If the indicators stay on you may have a bulb problem that needs replaced.

8) Door Ajar
When the ignition is in the ‘On’ position and any door is not shut, this will illuminate.

9) Engine Coolant
Illuminates when the engine temperature has reached a high enough point to be an issue – stop the vehicle ASAP and let it cool down, and book an appointment with an engineer.

10) Engine Oil
If illuminates when the engine is running, or when driving, this means there is a problem. Stop ASAP and switch the engine off, and check your engine oil level. If it’s illuminated after correcting the oil balance, get it checked right away and don’t drive your car otherwise.

11) Seat belt
Illuminates when the car is driving and no seatbelts are equipped

12) High beam
Illuminates when the high beam headlamp(s) are switched on – flashes when you use the flashing headlamp.

13) Hill Start Assistance
When using hill start assistance and it’s not actually available, this light will come on.

14) Information
This will come on when you have a new information on the display panel to read – it will be red or amber in color depending on how serious the issue is, and will remain until the problem has been fixed. Very useful.

15) Low Fuel
Illuminates when the fuel levels are low and/or empty. Refuel ASAP to correct problem.

16) Low Tire Pressure
Illuminates when tire pressure is low – if lamp remains on with the engine running, check tire pressure ASAP. Also illuminates when you turn on ignition to ensure it’s working – make sure that it does this when you start it up.

17) Oil Change
This will illuminate when the engine oil life has ran out and requires replacing or reset.

18) Overdrive Cancel/Grade Assist
Illuminates if you turn off overdrive function or turn off the grade assist function.

19) Powertrain Malfunction
Displays when the engine has defaulted to a limp-home operation, or when transmission problems have been detected and requires shifting.

20) Service Engine Soon
If you receive this problem, the service engine will stay illuminated after the engine has started and this indicates a problem within the emissions control system. If the light blinkers, the engine is misfiring which can be very serious – get this checked immediately as it could write off your car if unchecked.

21) Shift Indicator
Illuminates when the manual transmission should be bumped into a higher gear to maximize fuel economy over duration of th drive.

22) Stability Control System
Flashes when the system is active, illuminates when you switch on ignition to ensure it works. Remains illuminated or will not illuminate when the ignition is on means that there is a fault, most likely to do with the electrics system. Requires pretty urgent attention from a local mechanic.

23) Stability Control System Off
Illuminates when powered off – goes out when you switch the system back, or when you switch the ignition system off.