How To Repair a ford transit key fob


From 2006 to 2014 the Ford transit key fob was a sealed unit that recharges when you put the key in the ignition.Until recently if your battery stopped working you had to take your van in to Ford & buy a new one. Then you would need to have this reprogrammed to the pats unit – the cost for this was around £128 plus VAT.
We At Sprint Motors Manchester look after a fleet of transit minibuses that are between 2007 and 2010.Around two years ago the owner came to us and informed us he hadreplaced 10 of these fobs over the years at a significant cost, so we looked at repairing them in future.We worked out the best way to do this and how to source the parts.
From this, we have done well over one hundred of these now for all our customers with a 99% success rate. Starting at just £40 including VAT, our prices are minimal in comparison to other vendors. So as you can see it’s a massive saving – to help you save more, we are now making this tutorial for you free of charge so you can fix your own fob.All we ask is you like or share this page!


Step 1
Split the key and the fob – If you look where the blue fob and black key meet then on the rear of the key (opposite side to the buttons) there is a little slot this is to put in aelectricians fat screwdriver and allows you to flick the blue fob out of the



black key.
Step 2
Opening the key fob – This unit is made not to be opened so I’m afraid there is no pretty way of doing this BUT BE VERY CAREFULL NOT TO DAMAGE THE INSIDES!
This is very important – if you jam a screw driver in and pry off the other side then you will more then likely damage the circuit board. What we do is put the fob into a vice and carefully keep scoring it with a Stanley knife where the 2 parts meet until we cut through and this allow us to remove the undamaged circuit board.
Step 3
Replacing The battery – You Need a VL2330 Rechargeable battery with tails soldered on. These are available on line for around £8 and with the circuit board in your hand you can see where the battery solders on you need to un-solder this and re solder the new on in to place. This does take an element of skill and if you have never done this before then you wold be better taking this somewhere to be done. A CB radio supplier shop will usually do this for around £5 there is one near us called modern radio, which can be found HERE.
Step 4
You now need to replace the completed circuit board in to a new case these are available on eBay and Amazon for £2 if you search transit key fob shell it brings up loads of them. They come in 2 halves and need a little super glue to bond them together. We have found the locktite with the brush is the easiest you only need minimal glue and make sure none goes on the board.
Step 5
The easy part is to push the blue fob into the black key until you here a click and that’s it – you’re done!
Put your key in to your ignition for 10 minutes to charge the new battery with the van running to put a bit of charge in the new battery. Now you fob should be working as new. Fig that is not meant to be available at a cost of £10 as opposed to £128 – this is something that is not meant to be done and we have a very high success rate but if you do damage your fob then we hold no responsibility whatsoever.If you try this without our assistance then you need to take full liability for any damage.
If you do have any questions don’t hesitate to get in touch and we can help you out further!