MK7 Transit Struggling To Start


Whilst a Mk7 transit can be an excellent vehicle to get you around the place, it’s not exactly the most reliable on those cold mornings. Those bitter winter mornings that ice up the roads are, sadly, commonplace in the UK and this can leave you chasing your tail a bit in terms of getting your transit to start up – you can find yourself sitting there for five minutes revving away, without getting any luck and being able to get going. Eventually, when it does start, are you used to a large cloud of white smoke Mk7 Transit Cold Startplowing out the back?

If you are, then you need to find a quick solution to get it sorted. At Sprint Motors, we are specialists in dealing with this problem and can start making a genuine difference right away. We’ll be there to offer you a quick and easy solution that will remove that annoying white smoke and get your vehicle back on the road in a timely, efficient fashion. We look after a large fleet of transits, so we know what to expect when things start going wrong!

What To Do

The first thing that you would usually consider checking out is the glow plugs. However, conventional ‘knowledge’ says that glow plugs don’t really have an impact on the quality of the service so we can safely rule this one out – it isn’t going to assist you with the duratorque, as it only helps with the transmissions.

However, this doesn’t mean that the problem can’t start with those glow plugs – you need to have glow plugs under -2, and this can be the problem with the starting issue. When one of your glow plugs as started to fail, then it can cause a delay of up to about 20 seconds before your engine starts kicking in. when both fail, though, the problem becomes far more disastrous and can really hamper your chances of success.

To avoid this irritating problem from occurring, you need to replace the glow plugs. Glow plugs, however, need to be removed in a specific fashion – they ar commonly known for snapping when you try to remove the old ones to replace them. This can cause the cylinder head to get lodged inside and this can cause you no end of problems in trying to make the change.

The Solution

At Sprint Motors, we have a special lubricant that you can use to help dissolve this issue – what we do is we apply the lubricant to the glow plugs. Pop in 24 hours prior to your main appointment and we can apply this lubricant for you, and after 24 hours has passed you’ll find that the glow plugs are now more likely to come out at the first attempt.Transit MK7 Glow Plugs

However, this isn’t a bulletproof solution – they can still snap even with the lubricant. Should this occur, though, we have an expert on-hand who can remove the head and correct any problems caused by the snap for a fixed fee of£80.

So, if you find yourself getting sick of those cold mornings that leave you chittering away whilst your transit considers when it’ll start up, you can contact us  for more information on arranging an appointment. This is a painless and simple solution that can really remove any complications that you are having with your transit van.