Our Paint Shop Services

At Sprint Motors we repair many kinds of damage that can be inflicted on to your vehicle. These include:Spray Booth

  • Scuffs on the bumper
  • Scratches made by vandals
  • Painting panel replacements
  • Dents
  • Cosmetic damage
  • Repair of alloy wheels

Our team of dedicated and highly trained technicians can repair and paint your vehicle in a single day. You can also guarantee that the work will have been done by manufacturer standards and regulations.

When repairing your vehicle we use quality made materials, paints and procedures, so that your vehicle gets a factory finish every time.

The end product depends on the finish and the accuracy of the colour. We have access to all the world’s leading Spray Boothcolours that exist today. The paints are obtained from the code that will have been stamped on your vehicle. This helps technicians greatly these days when re-spraying and painting your vehicle. The code is inputted in our computer’s paint database to get the original formula of the paint. Once we have this, we can mix the correct colour on site, and have your vehicle ready to collect in no time at all.

Our team don’t just work on the body of your vehicle, we can work on the wheels and trims, too. If your vehicle has been involved in an accident the wheels may have become misshaped, and need putting back into the original shape. If you have alloy wheels, we can remove them and bring them up like new. We will also prime the rim, to prevent any corrosion and once the primer is dry we make sure it is smooth before replacing. The alloys are lacquered and painted to a colour of your choice, whether be the original or not.

We have an excellent customer service and pride ourselves in the quality of the finished product. We do not send any of the repairs elsewhere. Everything is done here on site at Sprint Motors.

The services we provide during our alloy wheel repair are:

  • Blast cleaning
  • Precision rim straightening
  • Powder coating
  • Diamond cutting
  • Mirror polished