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Optional Service Items

Timing Belt Change

During the lifespan of your vehicle the Timing Belt will probably need changing. It will vary due to the age and model of your vehicle, but a goodTiming Belt estimate is when your vehicle has run from 36,000 to 100,000 miles. We can check this for you as it varies from vehicle to vehicle. To make sure your vehicle’s engine is working properly a fully functioning timing belt is essential. If our Mechanic Manchester finds that your vehicle needs this changing during its service, you will be made aware of it and the cost of such repair. If the Timing Chain Replacement is advised by the manufacturer’s guidelines, it is recommended that you go ahead with the change, as leaving it can cause other problems. Thus, adding up to an excessive bill in the future. If your vehicle has a timing belt changed, make sure you keep all the paperwork, as it can affect the reselling of your vehicle. Whether it’s sold independently or through a dealer.

Brake Fluid Change

The recommended time for a brake fluid change is every two years. Over these two years the fluid will become contaminated with moisture, which will eventually reduce the efficiency of the brakes

Air Conditioning Service and Recharge

For the correct operation of your air conditioning system it requires gas to circulate and therefore lubricate the system. Our Mechanics Manchester recommend that it be recharged and flushed every two years, to ensure that you get the luxury of air conditioning in your vehicle. At the time of your service you will be informed as to whether this Servicing Manchester is required, and if so, at what cost.

Tracking and Wheel Alignment

Poor Wheel Alignment Symptoms

  • The vehicle will pull either to the right or to the left, when you are driving your vehicle straight


  • When driving in a straight line your steering wheel will feel off centre
  • The outer or inner edges of your tyres will wear unevenly
  • The steering wheel will feel loose or may even vibrate
  • If the vehicle is stationery and the steering wheel is rocked left to right or when driving over uneven ground, you may hear knocking noises
  • If you do not have the alignment of the vehicle’s wheels checked regularly, you may incur other problems, such as
  • Fuel consumption increase
  • Tyre wear increase, and need to have them replaced more often
  • Component wear increase, causing an earlier replacement

Engine Coolant and Anti-Freeze

The anti-freeze that is used to keep the engine’s cooling system working properly should be changed every two or three years. It must be diluted with water, so that it will act as an anti-corrosive agent, as well as a lubricant. This will also prevent the coolant from freezing during the cold, winter conditions. The vehicle’s coolant should NEVER be replaced by water alone, as this can cause serious damage to your vehicle’s engine.

Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) Regeneration

If your diesel vehicle is only used for short journeys the Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) will probably not be regenerated efficiently within normal driving. This will mean that you will need to have a DPF Regeneration every time you bring your vehicle in to the garage for servicing.

Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) Refill

There are some diesel vehicles that have been fitted with an additive. Each time you fill your vehicle with fuel this additive is injected into the DPFfuel tank, as well. This fluid will keep the tank clear from soot particles, when the above mentioned regeneration, takes place. You will need to remember to have this fluid topped-up regularly. At the same time the DPF management system will be reset. It all depends on how often you have to refuel your vehicle, as to how long the fluid will last. Try leaving the tank to get as low as possible, as this will limit the amount of fluid that is injected in the tank. Filling little, but often will take up more fluid. On average the additive fluid should last about 6000 miles before having to be refilled and reset.