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Getting Your Vehicle Serviced

When you bring your vehicle in to Sprint Motors, you can guarantee that it will be serviced by our fully trained, and qualified Mechanics. It will be tested under the correct industry standards, as well as manufacturer schedules. Whilst having your vehicle serviced, it will no way affect its warranty. We will only use approved OEM parts, so you will know your vehicle is getting the quality it deserves. The service computer will be reset, and we will make sure that your service book is stamped and kept up to date. To help remind you of when your next service is due, we will even send you an e-mail to give you time to book your vehicle in.

By using a reputable independent specialist, it will save you money compared to going back to your main dealer. Our servicing will not affect Car Beinig Servicedyour warranty, either.

The Vehicle Service

To get a service on your vehicle you will normally have to leave it for about two and half hours. If one of our Mechanics finds something wrong with your vehicle, it may take longer. We recommend that you leave your vehicle with us for the day, and we will let you know when you can come and collect it.

If you would prefer to wait for your vehicle to be serviced, we can arrange for it to be booked into the 8.30 am slot of the day. You will be shown to our waiting area, where you can find refreshments.

If we find any faults with your vehicle, we will notify you immediately so that they can be repaired, where possible, while you wait.


If you choose an independent specialist for Servicing Manchester, such as Sprint Motors, it will not affect your warranty agreement. We have available all the up-to-date guidelines and schedules, so that the service is performed lawfully and safely. To keep to the regulations of the warranty, we will only use high quality parts.

Trained Staff

Only our best, trained mechanics will work on your vehicle. Martin, the garage owner who is a trained mechanic for over 25 years, will oversee any work on your vehicle to ensure excellence at all times. We service and repair any make or model of vehicle you bring to our garage.

So, no matter what age or how many miles your vehicle has run, we will care for your vehicle like our own. You can expect the best from our trained staff, and know that your vehicle will carry on running smoothly and reliably.