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Maintaining and Replacing the Clutch

When you book your vehicle in with Sprint Motors to get your clutch checked out, you will be guaranteed a great service.

What this involves


  • Semi-automatic and automatic gearbox maintenance
  • OEM and genuine clutch replacement components to comply with your budget
  • Servicing and inspection of the clutch parts
  • Flywheel Inspection / Or Replacement

The clutch is what transfers the energy between the gearbox and the engine of your vehicle. Therefore, it undergoes a lot of stress every time you change gear. This can also happen if you crunch the gears or by releasing the clutch more sharply than normal.

The clutch is a well-used part of your vehicle, and at some time in its lifespan it will stop working properly. It is designed in a way so that it will fail to function, but not cause any damage to the rest of the vehicle’s parts. If you drive a vehicle with automatic transmission, it will not be fitted with a clutch pedal or any sort of operating mechanism.

Clutch Failure Symptoms

  • An increase in fuel consumption, due to poor performance
  • Get little power, even with an increase in revs
  • Struggle to get a gear with the engine on
  • A smell of burning
  • Loss of drive

Dual Mass Fly Wheel Failure Symptoms

  • When changing gear or just setting off the car judders
  • When starting your vehicle you get a chattering sound
  • Loss of drive

If your vehicle starts to show any of the symptoms mentioned above for the clutch or dual mass fly wheel it’s time to take it into the garage to get it looked at. If the problem is not caught early it could result in more prolonged damage to your vehicle. If it is the dual mass fly wheel that will need replacing this can be a lot more expensive if left alone.

Replacing the Clutch

Older vehicles may have multiple components making up the clutch system, which will depend on the model and make of your vehicle. If your vehicle is modern and newer the dual mass fly wheel will most likely be fitted with a clutch plate, also.

The components of the clutch are very large that are coupled tightly to the engine, and they are very time consuming when it comes to replace them.