Fixing Your Dash Light Is As Simple

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Diagnostics Service Manchester

No one likes to see flashing lights appear on our dashboards whilst driving around, but sometimes it does happen.Diagnostics

Before you start panicking follow these few simple rules:

  • Stop your car in a safe place
  • Switch the engine off for about five minutes
  • Turn the engine back on

If after you have tried these few simple tests and you either get an intermittent or constant light, take your car in to the garage as soon as possible. Continuing to drive your vehicle with the light flashing could endanger you or cause serious damage that will cost a lot of money.

What does the dashboard light mean?

Sprint Motors has up-to-date diagnostic computers. Our staff will be able to find the Engine management faults Manchester and therefore solve the problem before any further damage can materialise to your vehicle.

We have re-trained our staff in the use of diagnostic computers to provide you, our customers, with a better service. This extra experience will keep your vehicle on the road longer and keep you safe. Plus, no matter what make, model or age your vehicle is our Engine Diagnostics Manchester will do a thorough job. Thus, helping our mechanics to repair the fault faster than with older methods of finding problems.

Our staff are well educated in all types of vehicle and their systems, which will help us to provide you with a solution, to getting your vehicle back on the road sooner. To provide this service we use all the latest recommended manufacturer technologies and parts.

The Routine Service

What we do whilst performing your vehicle’s annual service is take a computer read out of all its diagnostics and download fault codes. These codes are what tell our mechanics what sort of health your vehicle is in. If they find a code that relates to a problem we can let you know, and together we can decide what action to take.

If your vehicle is booked in with a light flashing, such as your Airbag Light, we automatically include the basic diagnostic test within the service. This basic test will not actually include rectifying the faults, or tell us the necessary parts that are required. All it will do is tell us where the problem lies, and whether it needs further investigation. If the fault needs to be looked at more closely we recommend our full diagnostic test.

The Engine Management Light may disappear for a while, but if the fault persists it will show again. One of Sprints Manchester Machanics will then perform a full test to find out what parts are required to rectify the faults.