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Taxi Repairs

Sprint Motors do not only provide their service to private customers, but they service and MOT commercial vehicles, also. This service is a valuable asset to the many taxi companies in and around the city of Manchester.
Taxis, and other commercial vehicles that transport people, have to undertake a more thorough testing to meet the VOSA/Licensing authority regulations. Sprint Motors have being testingTaxi taxis for many years to get them road worthy and safe enough to take passengers.  The technicians will get through as many as 15+ taxis in a week, because they know that you need to get your vehicle on the road soon, so as not to lose business. For this reason, taxis are given a priority at discount prices.
As you can imagine there are many taxi cars going through the garage, so Martin and John have dedicated a big part of the garage service to this, so they have a great deal of expertise in the area.
The taxi plate is very strict, especially in the area of Salford. If your taxi unfortunately fails on more than 10 problems on its MOT test, then it will only get a test for 3 months, instead of the usual 6 months. For this reason it is very important that you have a Taxi Pre plate Salford, and by someone who is very knowledgeable about the safety of taxis. If you do no hold a Taxi Pre Plate Manchester you will not be able to use your vehicles to transport passengers.

The Place To Bring Your Taxi

You will not go wrong if you take your taxi to Sprint Motors. They deal with over a 100 taxis each month, so have made sure that they are up-to-date with the latest technology, and know what they are doing. If your taxi does not pass its MOT the first time around, however, you will have to pay £40 to have it re-tested.
If your taxi service has vehicles that hold over 8 passenger seats it will have to pass a PSV (Public Service Vehicle) Operator Licence by VOSA. The technicians must have a maintenance agreement with an approved garage, such as Sprint Motors.
Our technicians know how vital speed is, when getting your vehicle up to these standards, so all the parts are held in stock and prioritised for taxis. Some of the popular cars that have been broken down into scrap have valuable parts that can still be used. Therefore, saving the cost of a new part, and speeding up the delivery service. No job is too small, or too complicated for Martin.
You want your vehicles to look smart at all times. If your taxi is scratched and looks scruffy on the outside, customers are going to steer clear. Even if the working parts of the taxi are in excellent condition. So, John, the body and paint work expert, will take any scratches, dents or worse and make them look like new. He has the most sophisticated drying ovens and tools that he’s sure to produce something that resembles driving out of the showroom.