Home-Start Service

Do you have a vehicle booked in for a repair, general service or MOT, and can’t get your vehicle to us on time. Do not worry, because one of our services to you, our dedicated customers, is our mobile home start. We will collect the vehicle from you, and take it back to you whether it be at work or at home. As long as you leave service log books, or keys for tyres or fuel caps in the vehicle, we can do our job.


Our team of trained mechanics will also check that your engine is working correctly by using the latest up-to-date diagnostic computer. We can find faults before they get too serious, and repair them for a lower cost than if they were left.

Pre-MOT and MOT Test

We also provide a pre-MOT test that will check all the necessary parts of your vehicle that will be tested. If they are not up to the manufacturers or VOSAs recommendations we will inform you, and we can arrange to get them fixed, so that your vehicle only has to go through the one MOT.

Timing Belts

Timing belts are very important in the operation of your vehicle. Depending on the vehicle’s mileage it will determine whether the belt needs replacing or not. The mileage limit is usually between 36,000 and 100,000 miles. It varies with make and model of the vehicle.

Our Service for Taxis

Our team provides an excellent service for commercial vehicles, such as taxis. It is very important that these are checked regularly, because they are carrying passengers. The MOT of a taxi is quite different to a private customer’s vehicle, as it has more VOSA regulations in order for it to pass.

Body Shop

If we have an accident, whether it be major or minor, our vehicle’s shell is not going to look great afterwards. This is where the team in the body shop comes in. They can remove panels from your vehicle, and replace them with excellent quality parts. If your vehicle has only got scratches or a few dents this can be sorted too. The tools worked with are very precise, and can level the tiniest of bumps.

Paint Shop

Once your vehicle has been straightened out, as it were, it’s going to need repainting. You can choose the original colour, or something else that you can chat over with the team. Whatever colour you decide on in the end, you can guarantee it will make your car look brand new. With 2 re-spray ovens we can do twice the work of others. With regulated temperatures these ovens give the paintwork that hard, shiny look. They make sure that no dust particles can get on the surface of the part while it’s drying, too.

So, if you have a problem with your vehicle, whether it is big or small, you need to get in touch with Sprint Motors, as soon as possible.