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MOT Inspection

Normally you will have to take your vehicle into the garage into the garage once a year to get your MOT test done. With brand new cars, your warranty should cover you for the first three years. So, all you need to do is get your vehicle serviced to keep it running smoothly.
When the time comes to get your MOT certificate renewed, you will know that your vehicle will be safe and road worthy until it is due again. The test will be carried out on all working parts of your vehicle, minus the clutch, gearbox and engine.

The MOT Test

With that said, you are probably wondering what is actually tested:

  • • Your vehicle’s structure is checked for excessive damage or corrosion in certain areas. It will also be checked for any sharp edges on the body work.
  • The fuel system will be checked for leaks. The security of the cap seals and fasteners. To do this the fuel cap will need to be opened. If it uses a separate key, make sure you remember to leave it.
  • The condition of the registration plates will be checked; looking to make sure that the letters and digits are spaced and formed correctly. They will also be checked to make sure they are securely fastened.
  • The condition of your vehicle’s lights will be checked for operations and that the colour is correct. Our mechanic will also check to make sure your headlights are aiming correctly on the road.
  • The wheels and tyre’s condition is checked for performance (efficiency) and operation.
  • The suspension and steering condition is checked for serviceability, and that locking devices are working properly.
  • Emissions and exhaust need to be operating correctly. The emissions and exhaust systems need to meet regulation guidelines.Mot
  • The seat belts need to be in a secure and usable condition
  • The condition of the brakes and breaking systems have to be operating correctly, and wear and serviceability will be checked also.
  • The mirrors need to be checked for visibility and security. The mechanic will also check for windscreen damage for chips and cracks that are over the maximum diameter of 10 mm. Windscreen washers and wipers will also need to be checked for proper functionality.

What To Do If Your Vehicle Fails Its MOT

Our staff will let you know if your vehicle has failed its test, and where this as happened. They will also inform you of what needs to be done to correct these faults. You will then have to arrange for it to be repaired before having your vehicle re-tested to make sure it meets all the correct regulations.